Microservices with Azure

Written by Rahul Rai and Namit TS published by - Packt
Microservices with Azure will help you understand the concepts of Microservice Architecture and methods to build highly scalable enterprise-grade applications using Microsoft Azure Service Fabric. We will begin with learning the intricacies of the Microservice Architecture and its advantages over the monolithic architecture and the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
Next, we will look into Microsoft Azure Service Fabric, which is the best-in-class platform for hosting Microservices. We will explore how to develop and deploy applications on Microsoft Azure Service Fabric to gain a thorough understanding of it.
This book will guide you through several Microservice Architecture Patterns that help solve various challenges associated with applying Microservice Architecture in enterprise applications. We have illustrated each pattern with scenarios and considerations that you can keep referring to while designing or building your applications.
Finally, we will gain insights into some of the advanced but essential concepts of Microservices such as DevOps, security and, the next wave of Microservices which is popularly known as Nanoservices. This book will help you undertake your next Microservices venture with confidence.

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